Divide Pakistan!!!


Cover of Divide Pakistan

Subah Subah newspaper khola to Times of India ke below fold par ek 4 column khabar “Solution to global terror: Split Pak into 5″ dekha. Syed Jamaluddin ne ek kitab likhi hai Divide Pakistan to Elimminate Terrorism. Is kitab ki bikri ke liye 15 seconds ka advertisment banaya gaya hai jo CNN par dikhaya ja raha hai.

Kitab mein forumla ke roop mein kaha gaya hai ki pakistan ko 5 parts mein baant dena chahiye. Sindhudesh, Jinnahpur, Balochistan, Pakhtunistan aur Punjabistan. Kya ye $15.95 ki book ko bechne ki tarkib hai ya fir Jamaluddin sach mein terrorism ko mitana chahata hai? Kuch sochne se pehle ye jaan le ki CNN par prime time mein advertisment dene ka charge hai $ 20,000 for 30 Sec. For more Check this blog dividepakistan.blogspot.com

Well i can say only one thing idea is not bad. 🙂


2 Responses to “Divide Pakistan!!!”

  1. Namat Khan Says:

    I know Syed Jamaluddin. He was very close to former late caretaker prime minister of Pakistan Malik Meraj Khalid. Syed Jamaluddin’s petition titled Divide Pakistan was first posted on http://www.voiceofthebelievers.com and still appears on the same website. Pakistan’s ISI is chasing Jamal since long. Tablighi Jamat expelled him on suspicion of his shia religion.

    Namat Khan

  2. Haider Says:

    Can some one inform me where i find the on line version of “Divide Pakistan”?

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