Amazing record regarding UP Chief Minsiters


Map of UP

Ye sanyog hai ya rajnitik durghatna, pata nahi. Amitabh Bachchan ke Uttam Pradesh mein aajazi ke baad se ab tak koi bhi CM apni 5 saalo ke karyakaal ko pura nahi kar paya hai.

It’ s a true fact. Bharat ke kisi bhi rajya mein aaj tak aeisa kabhi nahi hua hai ki koi bhi CM apna pura 5 saal ka karykal pura na kar paya ho.

UP mein pahli baar vidhan sabha ka gathan 20 may 1952 ko hua tha. Tab se lekar ab tak koi bhi CM apna karyakaal pura nahi kar paya hai.

Ye hai UP ki rajniti. Raj karne ki niti: RAJNITI

4 Responses to “Amazing record regarding UP Chief Minsiters”

  1. Uttar Pradesh CM's Amazing Record « Tech Tycoon Says:

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  2. avinashsonee Says:

    Nice Observation Dude !! its really amazing .. in some states like WB, they are CM’s who continue for more than 20 yrs and on the other side is UP …

  3. rajeshroshan Says:

    one more record jyoti basu India’s longest serving Chief Minister. Between June 21, 1977 and November 6, 2000, Basu served as the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the left front government.

  4. avinashsonee Says:

    Yeah that’s what I was mentioning there .. ( more than 20 yrs )

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