Kya? Bob Woolmer nahi rahe!!!


Bob Woolmer 

New York Times ne Parvez Musharraf ke baare mein likha hai ki Musharraf world ki sabse khatarnaak naukari kar rahe hain. Agar Musharraf Pakistan ke rashtapati hokar surakhit nahi ho sakte to Pakistani Cricket team ke coach Bob Woolmer kaise surakshit ho sakte hain.

Ab mujhe ye to nahi pata ki ye maut saadharan maut hai ya fir koi durghatna. lekin shuraati khabawo se pata chalta hai ki yah koi saajish hi hai. Report on BBC Hindi and NDTV with some comments

Bob Woolmer Official website

Bob Woolmer Wikipedia


3 Responses to “Kya? Bob Woolmer nahi rahe!!!”

  1. Dr.Syed Mehboob Says:

    Remember Mr.Woolmer was killed in West Indies not in Pakistan. He lived here in Pakistan for a long time, and travelled frequently in different parts of Pakistan. We never claimed that he is threatened in Pakistan. Rather people all over Pakistan loved him very much and he was awarded the highest civil award from President of pakistan. So please do not link his detah with threat to President Musharaf. Politicians lives are always in danger. See in India Mr.Ghandi the founder of India, Indira Ghandi, Rajev Ghandi wre also killed. In srilanka too rulers have bben killed so in America. But doesnt mean that in Pakistan Bob;s life was in danger. No see tha messages posted on Bob’s website how much deeply people of pakistan loved him and how much they in shock and grief.

  2. rajeshroshan Says:

    Firstly thanks Dr. Mehboob to visit my blog. Well still police does’nt know who is behind this murder case. Is it happed due to match fixing or due to betting? I know only one thing Bow Woolmer was kind and truthfull man. He might be knowing something serious issyes about pakistani or any team mates. and this is the main cause. Dont u think?

  3. Dr.Syed Mehboob Says:

    It is clear now that Bob’s death was natural and those who trying to involve Pakistani players had vested interests. Any how BOB will always be in our hearts his services for Pakistani cricket will always be remembered.

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